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let's have coffee,
shall we?


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Lemme guess:

You’ve got roughly 3 half-full notebooks of daily morning pages, two different types of bullet journals (one that’s b/w and one that’s color-coded, obvs), and the corner of your office is a graveyard for art supplies bought from Michaels with their goddamn convenient daily coupons. You are an intensely creative human and yet none of that creativity has found its way into your internet presence (despite your best efforts).

No worries, my friend. Let’s have a little coffee date to sort it out, shall we?

Amidst all those notebooks and art supplies, there’s a larger story at play, and THAT is what we are going to spend our time together focusing on. Sifting through the sparkly and shiny bits to get to the root of what you want your online presence to say.

Megan is chock full of strategies and suggestions and ideas to improve the work, help a lady out, and take things to the next level.
— Rachel Brethauer

You’re ready for Narrative Clarity.

You probably know this, but if you’re here, you probably need to hear it again: you just need to START.

And yet - you haven’t. Sometimes, in the midst of our daily lives we just get... stuck. It's neither good nor bad, and it can happen frequently for us multi-passionates. We lose perspective among the myriad of ideas, and, in the process of trying to crawl out from under them, lose sight of our aspirations, and end up exhausted.

You need outside perspective to help untangle it all.

In a single session, past clients have:

  • created a new approach to their online content that had everything to do with their passion and nothing to do with creating a side hustle they never wanted in the first place;

  • found language to publicly articulate that thing that’s been on your heart for a while (like being a devout, religious woman AND knowing they needed to speak up and out against the current administration);

  • uncovered the fear that's been blocking their sharing on the internet in new, surprising ways (like consistently sharing works in progress even though they don’t feel ready).

Megan is rad AF! Give her 30 minutes and all of your messy thoughts, and you’ll leave the conversation relieved and knowing you’re in good hands. It’s such a pleasure to work with other professionals who are both empathic and enthusiastic about their clients and their craft.

I cannot stress it enough, Megan has a gift for pulling out the most important parts of a story and making them shine.
— Holly Ferris

Nuts & Bolts


Whoop whoop, you clicked that button and we’re a go! First things first, you’re going to fill out a questionnaire so I can get a feel for who you are and what you’re all about right now. After the questionnaire is filled out and the invoice is paid, you’ll have access to my calendar to schedule our coffee date!


coffee time

Ok, you don’t have to show up with coffee per se, but grab your fave beverage and we’ll meet on Zoom to chat about what’s on your mind and on your heart, and how you can bring that soulful creativity to your online presence.



I’ll never leave you high and dry and we all know I’m a meddlesome human - I want to know how you’re doing! 1-week post chat I’ll be in your inbox checking in on how you’re feeling and what you need to get a little louder.


investment: $97