good words are just the beginning.

less scary than the irs - promise.


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We’ve all read that one post:

The one where the fledgling biz owner is doing her best to be #vulnerable and share some #realtalk, but somewhere she took a hard left and now you know pretty much every skeleton in her closet and you’ve got that feeling you get when you watch a friend try stand-up for the first time (insert anxious Tina Belcher “uuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh” here).

Trust me: you can air some dirty laundry on social. It’s just a matter of picking the right sock rather than dumping the whole hamper.

Let’s work together to assess what you’re currently sharing, what you want to share, and where to draw the line so you never alienate your followers with inappropriate oversharing.

Megan’s not just going to give you some homework and branding to make you feel good - she’s straight with you about what’s working - and what isn’t! She gave me more clarity and a super valuable look at another person’s view on my site and brand.

I think one of the most valuable things is that this work has been ongoing - going back and looking at Megan’s feedback is valuable now, even months later!
— Chelsea Quint

Getting vulnerable on the internet is just different.

You can have your shiz on lock when it comes to relating human to human when you’re physically present someone, but when your community is largely found or built online, this is a completely different ballgame. And because it’s all different, the skills you rely on in person, look a little different when you take it online.

it’s time to assess how your message is actually landing.

By starting with an Authenticity Audit, you’ll be able to not only hone in on the places you SOUND most yourself online, you’ll have your own vulnerability fair godmother, always ready with a guiding hand to make sure your message is 100% you.

Past clients have:

  • seen an increase in their social engagement in direct response to the reframed, authentic narrative they’re now sharing;

  • created services that align with both their business goals and their personal values, all as a result of understanding how to authentically present themselves;

  • finally launched the business that’s been languishing as a side hustle because their list and followers grew by leaps and bounds, all as a result of authentic storytelling.

The clarifying questions that Megan asked about my work that I did with women, as well as my mission and values in my work was the BEST part about working with Megan. I loved getting super crystal clear on what I did, and she was able to translate it in a way that didn’t feel weird or sleazy or awkward. It felt like ME!!! Something I have honestly never felt before. I was able to be myself so my voice could come through. I no longer feel insecure about selling my services - I am owning my brand and my work! BOOM.
— Ashley Looker, Unique Holistic Happiness

How it works


Click that link and you’ll immediately start by answering alllllllll the questions about who you are and what matters most to you.



As soon as that’s submitted and your invoice is paid, I’ll be lovingly stalking you on the platform of your choice (as noted in the questionnaire) and taking close notes for about a week.


strategy sesh

With all my notes in tow, we’re going to cozy up for a full 60-minutes of evaluating and strategizing. During this Audit Power Hour we’ll cover what’s working and what’s not with your current content, and make a plan for the shifts you need to make in order to say what you really mean.



Never one to leave you high and dry, you’ll get me on Voxer for the next 7 days as you put your fresh takes out on the internet with the notes from our strategy sesh as your guide.



30-minutes to wrap up any questions and get you set to be your authentic self.


investment: $497

I am a professional writer and speaker, and yet, when it comes to talking about me, none of my so-called-expertise applies. A single session with Megan helped me to get clarity on what I really want—and need—to say.

Not only that, she helped me present my badassery in a way that is authentic and substantive and made me more able to believe it. I’m excited to share this version of me with the world.
— Manya Dotson, CEO of M*Power International