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your values are the catalyst you've been searching for.

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you’re enthusiastic AF and
burnt out as hell.

As a fellow multi-passionate, (hi there!), I totally understand your drive to learn all the things and do all the things and the whims of jumping from career to career. I also understand how freakin’ exhausting it all is.

Here’s the down and dirty truth that no amount of Meyers-Briggs or Enneagram tests will illuminate for you: your passions are as unique and varied as you are, and no amount of personality tests will be able to whittle that down. What WILL help you focus those passions is understanding what you value most and throwing your weight behind those values.

 Core Values = Resiliency.

It’s corny and cliché for a reason: actions do speak louder than words. And when you sit back and examine those values (oh helllooooo conscious narrative) what are those actions telling you about what you value? From the big events - like kids’ birthdays and weddings and graduating with your MFA - to the small events - like smiling at the barista or making small talk with the old woman who sat next to you on the bus - every action of your life is dictated by what you value most.

Rather than letting your values run you without a conscious care in the world, why not focus your attention to nurturing those values to create a legacy you’re proud to leave behind? Consciously tending to your Core Values builds resiliency like no other so that when sh*t hits the fan (and it always does), you know how to handle it - no amount of yoga and gratitude practices can replace that.

the core catalyst framework™ was designed for this.

It started as a method I walked my branding and web design clients through, and quickly became clear that this process was revolutionizing folks’ work left and right (and more often than not they didn’t actually need a new pretty thing designed for them!). It’s evolved over the past year to the framework I now use with all my 1:1 clients; a framework that will rock your foundations give you fresh insight into the best way to keep YOU the human at the center of your business.

now accepting applications for coaching starting January 2020!

the core catalyst framework™

month 1


This is 1-part “I firmly believe understanding your past can help you better shape your future” and 1-part “the language you use in telling me these past stories helps me understand so much more about you than just your history.” In this phase of the framework I'll have you break down your work history, your skills history, and take a catalogue of peak life experiences (moments when you felt totally in flow and in sync with all things). We take an intense 90-minutes to go over all parts of this 1:1, often with me asking you to re-tell bits of your writing because I want to hear it in your voice and not just on paper. Prior to our 1:1 time I will also ask you to do a preliminary inventory of 3-5 Core Values. Once we’ve excavated in our 1:1, we'll take the second half of the call to assess whether or not any of these Core Values may need challenging (spoiler alert: they usually do).

This first phase wraps with some kind of creative homework that is custom to you (past homework from this phase has included creating a makeup look for each Core Value; writing a poem for each Core Value; taking an hour with a piece of butcher paper and favorite paints to meditate on how 8 core values are interrelated and might be whittled down; etc).

MOnth 2


While you're off doing your homework, I’m analyzing all the writing and recording we’ve done together to best assess where the gaps are between your current business structure and your values. It's also your time to sit with a LOT of dust we'll kick up in the Excavate phase. We'll have one (1) 45-minute 1:1 call to make sure you're processing and clarifying all the things.


With clarified values in tow, and an analysis from me effectively taking apart your biz so we can build it back up, we'll have another 45-min 1:1 in these two weeks to pick apart the analysis and make a plan of action. By prioritizing the work and making a plan for the short term, the middle, AND the long-term, you've effectively got a map for where you're going and HOW you're going to get there.

Month 3


Once that plan of action has been prioritized and you've got your map, it's time to figure out every little HOW within your business. You'll get my personal recommendations for software and services (and I always emphasize using as many FREE services as possible), and you'll have me reminding you of your core values and keeping you on track as you start to implement all the things.

 nuts & bolts

This parts a little more complicated because working with me is a tailored experience.
Here are the constants across all clients:

1:1 coaching calls

We’ll have a minimum of 3 calls (one per month) during our time together, preferably on my fave video conferencing software Zoom. Not only do I want you saying shiz to my face (yeah, I can smell bullsh*t a mile away), but hearing your language and how you talk about your values illuminates so much for me (and you!).

To be fair, if you prefer we can always do the calls old-school over the phone, but I really appreciate being able to see your face while we chat.

creative homework

This is legit my favorite part of this work: I love challenging you to express your intense creativity while also exploring your concepts of what you value. In the past this creative homework has ranged from creating a new makeup look for every value, to dedicating and crafting a unique yoga asana for each value. Truly, this is the most customized part of the process, but I guarantee it will open your eyes to new expressions of even the most deeply held values.

email & voxer support

In between sessions you've got me via email for whatever you need, even if it's just a pep talk (but let's be real, a pep talk is never JUST). You can expect me to reply to all email when we're working together within 24-48hrs (unless otherwise noted).

And if you're unfamiliar with Voxer, GET READY: it's basically a voice messaging app, which I’ll use to prompt you with questions to dig deeper into the process. Most importantly, I want alllllllll the word vomit and to be able to hear your voice telling me every bit of it.

personal tending

First off: this is not therapy, I am not a counselor, and I hold a very strong therapy line that we won’t cross. That being said, this is incredibly deep and difficult work, and it often kicks up dust in some dark, dank corners of ourselves that maybe we hadn’t thought about in quite a while.

Checking in to make sure you’re tending to yourself (and making that tending a part of your regular routine!) is an essential part of this process. And I won’t let you skimp on it.


You may be thinking to yourself “Can’t I just do this on my own?” and the honest to goodness answer is YES! You could.

Honestly, we could all figure out most of business by ourselves with enough testing, tweaking, pivoting, and failing. But that’s the long road and that’s not what we’re here for. Burnout sucks and you’re ready to get past it NOW, not maybe kinda sorta in a few months or even a year. Really, what this comes down to is:

where could you be if you started today with someone in your corner guiding you to the path of least resistance?

You know how you can spend months analyzing a problem but a friend looks at it for 5 seconds and instantly tells you what's wrong or what needs to be fixed and it all falls together in a snap? This is like that.