welcome, folks!
I'm megan.

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I believe in mission-driven business, creative rituals, and that story can be used to make pretty much everything better.

With me, you will rediscover what matters most to you (aka Core Values!) and figure out how you work best. You’ll then use these Core Values to assess or reassess your business structure and systems so that they run in a sustainable fashion (#humanfirstbizsecond). I’m a true believer in honesty and frankness about mental health, and it’s my mission to help you prioritize yours in the context of your business.

i'm not your therapist -
but I just might be your brand's.

Before starting Megan Has Good Words in 2017, I was in theatre and worked at (deep breath) 30+ different part time jobs. I have experience from loan processing to museum ticket sales, from special education to nannying twin toddlers, and so on. MHGW was born out of a come-to-jesus talk my husburrito had with me when I was helping internet friends perfect their brand and copy and web design (for FREE!) but thought I wasn't qualified to do so because I didn't have a degree in it. Which was a bit ridiculous because as long as the work gets done and gets done WELL, no one cares about the piece of paper and the degree:

you care about results.

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Megan is an empowering presence. She was a key part of taking me from burn-out to intentionality in my business. She has this vibrant and strategic energy to her that simultaneously makes you feel truly supported while getting you to move forward in a way that doesn’t lead you to more hustle, but to more purpose.
— Ashely Beaudin, The Imperfect Boss

 Folx come to me when they need to:

• recenter themselves and how they work best in their business;

• reexamine their WHAT and HOW so they can recommit to that big WHY that started them out in the first place.

My intuition is spot on, and I WILL KNOW if you give me some cock and bull story while glossing over the things that make your heart sing. People don't buy goods, they buy stories. People want to learn about you, to get to know you, and hear the crazy, winding story of who you are and what you do. Social media and sales numbers don't matter in this place - STORY and building connection is what resonates.

our work together balances on these principals:

you can trust yourself.

you are worthy of investment.

you just need to start.

NOTE: There is no Online Entrepreneur Certificate - you don’t need a specific degree or certificate or qualification to run an online business. What you need is a vision of how you want your work to fit into the world at large, and the courage to start working toward it.

 I only work with folx who are all in.

Are YOU ready to be all-in?
let’s get this party started.