Case Study: Molly Kate Photography

Full disclosure, this amazing woman is my bestie.

Molly Kate Photography

She’s weird and wonderful and I loved being able to do some gorgeous fresh work with her.

the problem:

Growing a photography business in the Bay Area is both gorgeous and difficult. Molly Kate wanted to offer a slightly more sophisticated feel to her brand and site to better attract the ideal clients she had JUST met with and worked with. Her current branding was gorgeous and slick and slightly disconnected from her personality and the folks she wanted to be photographing MORE of.

She wanted a classic feel that would speak to her older, family clients as well as the bright, bubbly quirk that she reveled in with her favorite wedding clients.

Sassy, silly, and sophisticated? I’m all over it.

the process:

There was a lot of back and forth in our process to bring Molly Kate Photography to this place of quirk and sophistication. And a good amount of it was reframing the things Molly Kate loves as herself into ways that they could represent her while still speak to her ideal audience.

Which, by the by, is an excellent reminder:
when branding, writing, and designing, it’s not about what you like - it’s about what speaks to your ideal audience.

Once we had nailed down a new brand direction, we dug into every aspect of how Molly Kate wanted to sell her photography services, and who she wanted to book and design albums for. This included questionnaires, emails, Strategy Sessions - it all boiled down to the type of client she wanted to continue to book.

To this day, Molly Kate jokingly refers to herself as the model of a difficult client, and I love her for it. There are certainly some boundaries to exercise with your bestie if you enter a working relationship, but I appreciate that she never held back from expressing any dissatisfaction. And all that hard work led to both roughly 15 iterations of copy and web design, but a SEAMLESS process for prospective clients to get to know her and easily inquire into her services.

the result:

Molly Kate Photography | ©2018 Megan Dowd

Molly Kate Photography | ©2018 Megan Dowd

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