Case Study: Emily Rose Duea

Emily Rose Duea is simply one of the most soulful people I’ve ever met.

And considering we’re both theatre folk, which have a penchant for vapid Soul Searcher types, this feels like quite a feat.


Emily Rose initially responded to a call I put out for dazed and confused entrepreneurs who knew SOMETHING wasn’t quite right, and just couldn’t put their finger on it. We had a long initial chat which included notes from yours truly like:

Wants it to be intensely personal but also can’t handle having the personal be a part of it
Soulful, intuitive, probably an empath - need to protect energies while remaining open
Brand vs personal name as biz → what does she really want folks to gravitate toward?

It should come as no surprise that I was ready to dive in and dig into the muck of what Emily Rose was looking for. She made it clear on our call that she deeply valued community and had more than a few spicy opinions about mental health and mental healthcare accessibility. Keeping her services affordable was of the utmost importance AND she wanted a way to charge clients for where they were financially and not just have a flat rate for all walks of life. And the big question: what to name her business? Keeping things as Emily Rose Duea certainly would be simple, but there were aspirations of a studio one day, maybe travelling workshops, certainly workshops in town - there were so many possibilities in her mind, and I knew we were barely scratching the surface (like me, Emily Rose has a mind that never stops - a blessing and a curse).

So here we were with a MASS of word vomit from her introductory questionnaire and a fantastic initial consult that all boiled down to this:

How did Emily Rose want to show-up online to do the work that she felt called to do?


We started with word vomit.
And then I asked for more.

In all seriousness though, we had more than 3 phone calls (usually it’s just an intro and outro in my process, but of course there are exceptions to the rule), in part because I wanted Emily Rose to say the things that were on her mind as they bubbled to the surface. One minute it was all about Thai Massage, the next it was about healing Yin practices, then somewhere in there we’d chat about her being a CorePower teaching instructor. There was SO MUCH GOODNESS and I wanted to make sure we didn’t overlook a bit of it.

Throughout the chats, I was hard at work creating a moodboard for her. The start of the process is often different for every client - be it logo-sketching or moodboarding or copy callouts - and for Emily Rose I knew we needed to nail the aesthetic to ensure her belief in the brand. There’s a beautiful combination of serenity and vibrancy, and both of us were drawn to plant imagery, specifically roses (which was an obvious and delightful tie-in).

Once it was clear that this was an endeavor that would be firmly rooted in Mother Earth, I let my mind wander for just the right moniker for her new all-encompassing brand. We rotated through various flowers, in a variety of languages, and finally landed on Mesic Movement. Literally, the word mesic means an environment containing a moderate amount of moisture; mesic environments hold this moderate moisture and temper the environment around them, sharing the wealth if you will. We landed on Mesic Movement as an environment full of a group of people working together to advance their shared political, social, or artistic ideas, rooting this brand in social justice and mental health awareness.

After we had nailed down the brand strategy (and all the collateral that comes with it: logo, secondary, mark, colors, fonts, etc), it was time to build her a GORGEOUS Squarespace website. A key component of this was going to be one of Emily Rose’s Core Values: CONNECTION. Everything needed to come back to a feeling of inclusion and community involvement, two of the cornerstones of what she envisioned Mesic Movement to be.

Of course this starts with the perfect template, and the Rally template had me all heart-eyes from first test run. I loved the way we could build her index pages and footer, keeping community events at the heart of the site. It also had a gorgeous blog layout, and for someone as talented with the written word as Emily Rose, she absolutely needed a place to let those words shine (in fact, read my fave post of hers here).

Bottom line: this website needed to be intuitive to new visitors and feel like returning home for the old friends among her students and clients.

The Result

the brand:

Mesic Movement Brand Board | ©2018 Megan Dowd

the website:

More than anything, working with Emily Rose to create Mesic Movement was an incredibly humbling journey highlighting the importance of dedicated folks speaking candidly and honestly about their Core Values and then going out and LIVING these values. You know I love chatting Conscious Narrative, and I can say with certainty that Emily Rose is most definitely one of these people.