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Hi. I’m Megan.

I provide narrative strategy and creative coaching to ambitious womxn and non-binary entrepreneurs.

When Good Enough IS and When It ISN'T

When Good Enough IS and When It ISN'T

This is a tricky thing to talk about…

For one, it’s still burned BRIGHTLY in my mind that I once wrote a college paper on societal trends called “Good Enough Isn’t,” examining the shift of the popular consciousness toward perfectionism (ladies from effperfect, please feel free to join in at any time).

For two, I honestly believe both sides of this coin deeply:

There are times when good enough IS INDEED good enough.

And there are times when good enough is not.

When Good Enough Is & Isn't | Megan Has Good Words

Let’s start with knowing for yourself when good enough is just that: good enough.

I’ll kick off this side of the coin with my favorite example: new logos. I often have new clients approach me about needing a new or refreshed logo and branding suite. As with all clients, I schedule a good long chat first to really dig into what they’re looking for with this desire for a new brand. More often than not, it’s less the logo, but a refreshed vision of their work that they’re ACTUALLY looking for.

At let me tell you, all the new color palettes in the world won’t be able to fill that void.

This is a time when the logo you have is probably GOOD ENOUGH and it can stay that way for a time. Good Enough is evaluating in that moment if the thing you’re ready to change is the root of your impulse or if it’s merely something really pretty and really shiny.

The other side of the coin - when Good Enough Isn’t anymore.

You’ll KNOW Good Enough Isn’t when you do the deeper examination of your impulses and you don’t find any dark corners you’re ignoring.

When you feel the growing pains that come with change and you’re fully committed to both the growth and the change.

When you know you’re not serving your customers and clients the absolute best experience you can offer with where you are at RIGHT NOW.

It’s a weird little inchworm dance between your audience and you as you inch toward the dream job, the peak experience, that place where everyone is so in sync with each other that although it’s still work it’s filled with joy and ease.

I wish I could give you an easier formula for it. But hopefully this little written exploration will needle your brain in the best way to challenge you to understand when Good Enough Is and when it Isn’t.

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