less scary than the IRS -


My goal is to prevent this face in you.

So you did your own branding, right?

Awesome! It's probably pretty freakin' gorgeous and I'm sure you're really proud of it and you've gotten lots compliments on how YOU it is. Maybe you started with a Pinterest inspo board (and if you didn't, welcome to your new time-waster), maybe you talked with your bestie who's also a designer, maybe you did some heavy mimicry of your favorite personalities (but that's really the sincerest form of flattery, yeah?).


You've launched your baby out into the world and it hasn't made much of a splash (metaphorically - I advise against throwing small children). You're just not seeing sales or subscribers or general interaction on the interwebs and in person like you'd hoped. You haven't been met with crickets, but the passion you feel, the energy with which you've hit the ground running with your content and marketing plans, it all feels a bit disproportionate with the response you're getting.

  1. If you're a solo-entrepreneur, it's always probably going to feel a little like this (sorry to break it to you).
  2. The answer probably has nothing to do with rebranding and tweaking every little thing on your website.

What you need IS an outside pair of eyes.


I deeply appreciated that Megan wasn't at all pushy or impatient, that she would express her opinion about the effect of a change, but also make space for something to more accurately reflect me. This made me feel incredibly seen and validated - what a gift!  My to-do list is lighter and I am entirely grateful. This saved me hours of work and gave me sanity and peace of mind.
- Alison Olt Kerr, PranaVis Medicine


The Nuts & Bolts

  • 90-minute intensive with me to hash through what you really want to say vs what you're currently saying.
  • Brand Analysis PDF delivered to you via email prior to our session with my notes on what's working for you and against you with your current branding.
  • Immediate and long-term action items to make sure this work doesn't peter off after our 3-hrs together are up.

The Big Picture

  • CLARITY: You're leaving with perspective on how to consistently make your mark online and keep your brand cohesive in the process.
  • ACTION: You'll know what you need to fix NOW and what you can do long-term to keep the adjustments sustainable.

(only through the rest of the fall!)

Don't let muddY branding STOP you from GROWING YOUR BIZ.