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I don't stand for anything less.

So we all know that Pinterest is chock-full of DIY branding tips, and you might very well be able to cobble together your favorite colors and fonts into a cohesive system that you use on a (semi) consistent basis. But you're a founder, owner, head of marketing, head of strategy AND you're actually doing the work at the heart of your business, and with yourself stretched so thin, something's gotta give. So what started as a 30-page printed PDF and 4-week branding course has become your 'what can I get done in a Saturday afternoon?' activity and you KNOW it's not what you wanted it to be.

I'm here to take that worry off your plate to create a gorgeous, recognizable, decidedly YOU brand that favorite clients automatically recognize and ideal clients feel inexplicably drawn to.

6 weeks.
A full branding suite.

Here's how it all breaks down:

WEEKs 1 & 2

We'll kick it all off with a Clarity Call to review your questionnaires (yeah, there's going to be homework before we meet) and so I can get a feel of what you are like as a human. From there, it's all about my research into your ideal audience, and how you as a human and your perfect client intersect.

You'll receive a Brand Strategy Guide with suggested colors and fonts, all to give you a feel of the direction of the perfect brand for you. You've also got one round of feedback to give me for any tweaks or any bits you forgot to mention until now.

brand suite pics1.png

WEEKs 3 & 4

Now we get to dig into sexy stuff - the presentation of your primary and secondary brand marks, a color palette, a font system, and suggestions for all things visual and verbal to keep your brand on track no matter where you live online.

You'll receive a Brand Presentation Guide in Week 4 with allllllll of this pulled into one gorgeous PDF for your review.

brand suite pics2.png
brand suite pics3.png

WEEKs 5 & 6

Weeks 5 and 6 are all about refinement. All branding work with me comes with two rounds of refinements on your Brand Presentation Guide to make sure every last bit feels right and is in service of your business.

If you like, you can even sign-up for a wrap up call with me to answer any last questions about how to use the materials from me and where everything lives within your business.

Megan nailed what I was looking for pretty much on the first try. I had tried a signature type logo before with my last designer and it just never felt quite right but she took my thoughts and got it really close on the first try!If you want a great logo done quickly and enthusiastically Megan is your gal!

- Helynn Ospina, Helynn O. Photography

I only book 1 branding suite client at a time to keep the spotlight on you and your business. no splitting focus.

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