Core Cartography


a 6-week DIY course to map out your content so that everything you create is effortlessly aligned with your Core Story.

Right now you're struggling with how to live the word 'authentic' and not just fall into buzzword traps.
You yearn to speak with such confidence and decision as your favorite bloggers.
Above all, you're done with showing a small albeit insta-perfect impression - you're ready to allow who you are as a human to take the wheel.

It's not enough to #getreal or continually reblog Brené Brown (though I do love me the vulnerability queen).

You need to Show up as the real and authentic human you are.

This took the stress right off my back and helped my vision become a reality. I loved how the process was fun and enjoyable, and not some painful task!
— Ally Canales,

coretography at a glance:

Nuts & Bolts

• templates & workbooks to give you structure and guidance in not only getting this info in one place, but how to leverage it into authentic connection with your ideal audience
• a private Slack channel for support and words of wisdom in a place where you won't get distracted by other social media.

The Big Picture

a deeper understanding of your Core Story which inherently invites deeper connection and conversation in the interwebs.
• access to my secret menu of services and strategy sessions. Bottom line, I only work with folks who I KNOW are committed to this work, and if you're in the thick of it and realize you need some help, adding on a strategy sesh is just a click away.
reusable templates to experiment with what works best for YOU to create a Core Map that will keep you showing up as yourself consistently.

2 payments of $274

The party starts October 1st.

(P.S. This first round of COREtography will be limited to 10 participants AND you'll have me in the Slack group on a weekly basis!)

connection with your audience leads to lifelong clients.

Though I wish I could promise you the ever coveted 10k-swipe-up on Insta, I'm not talking numbers here.
Instead, let’s talk connection.

Allow us some personal anecdotes, some moments of vulnerability and ground us in who you are on a day-to-day basis.
Show us, your adoring audience, that you know yourself and why you do what you do.
Invite us into conversation about your Big Thing, about your whys and your hows and what it takes to do the work you do so well.
Show up as the real and authentic human you are.
Once you do, you're going to see a change.

Megan is chock full of strategies and suggestions and ideas to improve the work, help a lady out, and take things to the next level.
— Rachel Brethauer,

6 weeks.
let's break it down.


Vibe & Values

We start off slow by breaking your biz down to its essence: what do you most value? How does this show up in your work? And ultimately, how does that create the FEEL of your business?

This is your CORE. These are the things that people intuitively understand about your brand. Nailing them down from the get-go gives you a clear, solid foundation on which to build for the following 6 weeks and realigns you with your Core Story.



Mission & Pitch

Now that you know what you're all about, let's put the focus of your business in the spotlight. You've probably written a mission statement or two, maybe you've got a couple versions of your elevator pitch, and this week you'll be forced to actually finalize and verbalize them.

This week, take the time to really finesse your mission statement and elevator pitch so the next time someone asks what you do, the response is second nature.



Your Look

How many fonts are you currently using? Do you have templates for social media posts to keep your aesthetic consistent? Are all of these in line with your vibe?

Here you'll get an exhaustive checklist and guidance on how to tighten up the look of your brand and business, getting you to a point where folks know it's you before they read a word.



Your Lexicon

What's your favorite way to address your clients? Do you have a go-to sign-off phrase? Totally ok if you don't, and now's the time!

This week, take the time to actually take stock of your language and align it with your vibe and values. Make sure every bit of your copy, of your conversation, of how you relate to your audience sounds like you and your brand.




Ever taken stock of what you pump out regularly?

This week you'll take a step back, look at the big picture of your business, and create some Content Buckets into which everything you create can fall into. By developing these themes you'll never find yourself twiddling your thumbs wondering if something is 'on brand' again.




None of this matters if you don't actually put it into clear, consistent action. And I'm a sucker for any and all planners - templates for all!

Let's take the last week to figure out what kind of planning works best for you. Whether it's quarterly, monthly, weekly, or daily, I've got you covered. You'll also get guidance on how to experiment with these in order to create a consistent plan that is always aligned with your Core.


I love the cleaner and more grounded feel of my work and I love not having this “thing” hanging out there any more.
— Alison Olt Kerr, PranaVis Medicine

join us, won’t you?



(P.S. This first round of COREtography will be limited to 10 participants AND you'll have me in the Slack group on a weekly basis!)