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creative coaching

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You know that whole ‘in order to break the rules you need to learn them first’ adage?

If you’re creatively constipated, you need just that: accountability, structure, and the magic of having someone lovingly push you to act on all those hypotheticals floating around in your head.

Choose from 3 distinct sessions (or bundle for a discount!) and share every creative dream and impulse. Upon signing up you’ll answer an extensive questionnaire and give me the sitch of where you are right now. I’ll do all the prep work - you just show up for our 55min 1:1 and we’ll get to the bottom of your creative blocks. Within 24hrs post-sesh you’ll get the audio recording of our session and a scan of my notes so you don’t forget a thing.

Whether you want to develop a personal illustration style, make a practice out of writing, or be the next Sondheim, get everything off your heart, out of your head, and into a place where creativity and action abound. 


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It can often feel like in order Be Your Best Self in this mixed-up-crazy-world, the answer lies in finding your one true purpose in life - but what does that even mean?

First off, let’s just get this out in the open: I don’t believe in a “one true purpose” ideology. Second: I think we as individuals need to define the concept of purpose for ourselves.

Using the Japanese concept of ikigai as our guide, let’s unpack the spaces between what you love, what you’re good at, what the world needs, and what you can be rewarded for. Along the way you’ll find the langauge to define the concept of purpose on your terms, and leave with a structure you can return to again and again whenever you feel called to reexamine and redefine your purpose.

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You probably know this, but if you’re here, you probably need to hear it again: you just need to START.

And yet - you haven’t. You have all these ideas, and you’re so excited about getting them off the ground, and just when you’re ready to dive deep into the one that’s calling your name, another siren song starts and you’re back at square one.

Sometimes, in the midst of our daily lives we just get... stuck. It's neither good nor bad, and it can happen frequently for us multi-passionates. We lose perspective among the myriad of ideas, and, in the process of trying to crawl out from under them, lose sight of our aspirations, and end up exhausted. Our session is will help you organize your ideas in a way that makes sense to YOU and create a structure for consistently acting on them.

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Lemme guess: you’ve got roughly 3 half full notebooks of daily morning pages, two different types of bullet journals (one that’s b/w and one that’s color-coded, obvs), and the corner of your office is a graveyard for art supplies bought from Michaels with their goddamn convenient daily coupons.

That’s awesome. How’s it going? Feeling those creative juices capriciously ebb and flow?

You need some serious structure and accountability to truly assess what creatively lights you up and what’s just “I-wish-I-were-a-person-who-knits-but-I-hate-it!” (*cough* me *cough*). We’ll take our session time to help you sort through the chaff and create a plan for the ritual your creative heart is longing for.

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