Narrative Strategy

Narrative Strategy | Megan Dowd | photo ©2019 Elle Darcy

Carefully craft the story your business tells.

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How to Write Copy That Sounds Like You | Megan Dowd

01. How to Write Copy that sounds like you ANd attracts your perfect client

You’ve downloaded the “Writing Copy for Your Ideal Client” from Pinterest, attended the “How to Make Your Copy Sound Like YOU” webinar and rewritten your site about 7 times, and now it kinda reads like you’ve got a team of 11 VAs behind the scenes and each one wrote a different page.

Pump the brakes. Stop rewriting. I got this.

We need to take an inventory of what you sound like IRL and then examine how you can best attract your perfect client through that voice. Choose if you want to dive in deep on one (1) specific page of copy or take the time to better define your voice as a whole - no matter what, you’re going to understand how to write so it sounds like YOU.

Tell Your Story Within Your Business | Megan Dowd

02. How to shift the story your biz tells without changing your biz

So your business is running like clockwork, your systems are slick, you’re making some sales and slowly growing your audience, and if you’re honest with yourself it doesn’t feel quite right because while your business has grown (yay!), the story it’s telling hasn’t.

In case it seems impossible, let me reassure you:
you can absolutely shift your story without changing your business.

We’ll start by digging deep into the narrative you’re currently telling, then map all aspects of the narrative you want to share. By the time we’re done, you’ll have bridged that gap, created a map for your narrative shift, and gained narrative clarity so you can get back to business feeling good about your biz narrative.

How to Be Vulnerable on Social Media | Megan Dowd

03. How to be vulnerable on social media without oversharing

We’ve all read that post: the one where the fledgling biz owner is doing her best to be #vulnerable and share some #realtalk, but somewhere she took a hard left and now you know pretty much every skeleton in her closet and you’ve got that feeling you get when you watch a friend try stand-up for the first time.
(insert anxious Tina Belcher “uuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh” here)

Trust me: you can air some dirty laundry on social.
It’s just a matter of picking the right sock rather than dumping the whole hamper.

Let’s work together to assess what you’re currently sharing, what you want to share, and where to draw the line so you never alienate your followers with inappropriate oversharing.