learn how you 'human' best on the internet.



We all know it when we see it, yet being authentic - being true to ourselves, our character, our beliefs - is actually incredibly difficult on the internet. It’s not that the internet isn’t any less real than “real life;” it’s that the perspective of our audience is so different than that of an in-person interaction. And in order to account for this different perspective we need to relearn how we relate and connect - in essence, figure out how we individually human in this facsimile of reality.

Don’t let the need to learn how you best human on the internet stop you from telling the stories you know you’re here to tell. In fact, sharing your stories on the internet is one of the most powerful ways we can connect human to human, and as much (as I hate to admit it) being your authentic self is what drives it all.

I want to create an internet of radically honest storytellers.
let’s get to it.

Megan makes you dig deep down and think and reflect. She gets you to know yourself and your story better than you’ve ever known it - almost like meeting a part of yourself you didn’t even realize existed.
— Dr. Andrea Moore

1:1 work

01. Authenticity Audit


This 2-week intensive is all about being vulnerable with your audience to their benefit and not their awkward detriment. We’ll work together to hone in on how you want to connect with your audience and the stories that matter most to you.

Already shouting yes and ready to add me as your personal vulnerability cheerleader? There’s always an option to continue with 1:1 support in 1-3-month packages.


02. core catalyst coaching


You’re exhausted with the glut of DIY Pinterest boards for building an online business and teetering on the brink of burnout (or already swimming in an ocean of denial…?) You need a framework that will teach you the authenticity and resiliency necessary to run a business online.

Dive deep with me for an intense 3-months as we use The Core Catalyst Framework™ to find your most authentic self.

Jen Clayman Testimonial | MHGW
Working with Megan is like having a conversation with the best kind of friend—she really listens, she is super encouraging, AND she tells it like it is.
— Jen Clayman

DIY Solutions

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better-er bios™

Think of it as your social calling card - your bio is where you give your soon-to-be fans a slice of who you are and get them hooked. Trouble is, this is the most overlooked point of connection for most brands.

Make that bio BETTER than better and learn how to keep your bio hygiene top notch, no matter your work.

One Sock Method | ©2019 Megan Dowd

The One-Sock Method™

It all started with a WILDLY uncomfortable series of Instagram stories put out by a wannabe influencer that were just a little TMI. There is absolutely NO NEED to share all your dirty laundry on social in an effort to be ‘accessible’ and ‘real:’ all you need is to share one dirty sock. And thus, the one-sock method was born.

Learn all about how to choose that sock and what you need to be doing to make sure you’re always inviting your audience in, not alienating them with attempted authenticity.


Don’t see anything that fits your bill but still feeling the feelings?