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Creative Coaching | Megan Dowd

Let’s cut to the chase.

01. creative coaching & narrative strategy

This is the intersection of personal and professional development: the space where your career ambitions and your soul purpose meet and create the magic that is YOU. Tell me about the things that get you so excited you start flapping your arms like a Muppet; the things that hit you deep in your stomach and make you ache; the things that make you beam so hard your mouth hurts: these are the sweet spots. This is where we get to the heart of the matter.

P.S. Once a month I block off a full day just for office hours, FREE to anyone on my newsletter. We'll take 20-minutes to blast through 1 (one) major question that’s got you stumped and steer you back to some of the biz flow you’re after.


Uncover Your Core | Megan Dowd


02. uncover your core

Uncover Your Core is a 4-month individual coaching program in a group setting. One-on-ones with me, unlimited email support, regular group calls to practice saying your next BIG THING out loud, AND a private group Slack channel with other women who are right there with you. No matter how well you think you've got your goals articulated in your head, being forced to write them out and say them out loud shines a light on the dusty corners you may have been ignoring for far too long.



(Pssssssst - #secrettime. If you're almost feeling the feelings, but not quite ready to monetarily commit, here's a free course for making your social media bio better than better.)


Megan Has Good Words

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