uncover your core

uncover your core megan dowd

4-months of individual coaching in a group setting to realign you with your core values and get you crystal clear on how to talk about your work.

Right now you're struggling with how to live the word 'authentic' and not just fall into buzzword traps.
You yearn to speak with the confidence and decisiveness of your favorite bloggers.
Deep in your gut you KNOW you’ve got something BIG you want to say, you just don’t know how.
Above all, you're done with showing a small albeit insta-perfect impression - you're ready to allow who you are as a human to take the wheel.

It's not enough to #getreal or continually reblog Brené Brown (though I do love me the vulnerability queen).


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“The clarifying questions that Megan asked about my work that I did with women, as well as my mission and values in my work was the BEST part about working with Megan. I loved getting super crystal clear on what I did, and she was able to translate it in a way that didn’t feel weird or sleazy or awkward. It felt like ME!!! Something I have honestly never felt before. I was able to be myself so my voice could come through. For once in my life I feel so confident about my website, my brand and my copy. I no longer feel insecure about selling my services - I am owning my brand and my work! BOOM!”
— Ashley Looker, Unique Holistic Happiness; uniqueholistichappiness.com

uncover your core at a glance…


4 one-on-one calls with me to give you the specialized, tailored attention that's exactly what you need for where you are in your work. It's a little bit coaching, a little bit strategy, and ALL about you and your work.
8 group calls to meet as a pod and gain support and feedback in real time from fabulous women going through the same transitions you are.
Analysis PDF of our excavation call, pulling together your Core Values and peak experiences to dig into your next Big Thing.
Custom Core Guidebook to define your business from every angle, getting everything from the conceptual to the practical all in one spot.
Private Facebook Group for support and words of wisdom between calls (and probably a few gifs… a lot of gifs…).
Priority booking for a fresh branding suite, new copy, or a web design that reflects your Big Thing at a 25% discount to regularly priced services.

+Branding option

* this option offers a 35% discount off of regular branding suites! *

all of the above PLUS
• Brand Clarity Call
• Brand Concept Guide
• Brand Strategy Guide
• Primary Logo
• Secondary Logo/Sub-marks
• Color Palette
• Font System

the big picture

You're getting greater clarity over the WHY of what you do and the HOW of what you do so you're never at a loss for words when asked "so what do you do?"

All the clarity in the world doesn't mean jack if you don't know how to actually apply it. I make sure you're equipped to continue to do the work even after we're done working together

You've heard it a million times, and I'll say it again: you're not alone. But this time, you're in a carefully curated group of kickass, likeminded women who, like you, know there's something bigger for them.

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My work is much more cohesive, and I understand all the underlying connections between what I do, what I value, and how I speak/write about it. Megan has a real gift of looking at your business as a whole and seeing so many possibilities and connections that I simply couldn’t see. It’s So. Very. Helpful to have someone like that in my corner and opens up the scope for imagination.
— Stephanie Cleary, With Stephanie Cleary; withstephaniecleary,com

Let’s take a deep dive into your Past,
Present, and Future using my Core Story Framework™.

This framework allows us to do some serious digging and values work on not just why you do the work you do but how you got here and how that past has informed your present. Let’s clarify that Big Idea you’ve had brewing, prioritize how it’s going to live within the scope of your work, and wrap it all up with an actual, practical plan to put this Core Story back at the center of your biz.

Side note: remember, you can let your past inform your present without it dictating who you are.
Exploring this balance is an essential part of the framework.

We’ll be working in small groups or (as I refer to them) pods, no more than 4 women to a pod. This provides both an intimate, personal setting as well as fostering community among other successful, ambitious women. It will also get you practicing how you talk about your Core Story and the BIG THING with new folks (cuz you know I love getting picky with language!). And in between all the group time, you'll have an exclusive Slack group for you and your fellow Core Story folks to chat about where you’re at, share some successes and roadblocks, and have support for this thrilling, terrifying, crazy-awesome new thing you're endeavoring on. 

Let's be clear - this may include group calls, but in no way are you going to get lost in the crowd.
(I promise I won't even let you if you try.)

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“I thought I was relatively clear about what I wanted before, but I had no idea what was waiting for me. The clarity is breathtaking. I also feel so much more confident in focusing on one thing at a time, because I know that the work we’ve done isn’t going anywhere. Partially because Megan helped me see the work I want to do in the context of my whole life, and partially because she was able to distill it into such incisive worksheets and pdfs, I have a new trust in my own abilities to identify what’s important, and to keep come back to them in a big way. I breathe easier, making choices is less stressful, and I’m more excited to try the things that scare me, but that I KNOW are exactly in line with my values, mission, and skills. I think of my role in my work very differently, and have much more ownership of my dreams and plans.”
— Erica Lockwell, Our Back Pockets; ourbackpockets.com

Curious how it all breaks down?
Read on!

Month 1: Excavate

We start with a good ol’ heart to heart. I want to chat with you about SO MANY THINGS with the time and space to keep things unstructured. Let’s start with how you started doing this thing you do, then let the conversation take us where it will. All the meanwhile I’m taking mad notes and making connections like no other.

Odds are there’s a nugget that you haven’t quite consciously put your finger on but has been there all along.

After our one-on-one excavation call, it’s time for me to do some serious synthesis. I’m going re-listen to our conversation, take more notes, get a little “A Beautiful Mind” with the way I lay out my notes and connections, then pull it all together to what you’ve led me to understand as the CORE of what you do. This culminates in a gorgeous CUSTOM TO YOU PDF download (delivered at the beginning of Month 2) with all parts of what you've said and what I've synthesized into your BIG THING.

And, oh yeah, we'll have 2 group calls to get to know each other and honor where EACH OF YOU is on your own individual journey. It's not one-size-fits-all, but that doesn't mean you won't have an awesome community cheering for you every step of the way.

Month 2: clarify

Now it’s time to get into the muck of it. After reviewing the new or reframed Core Story of what you do and how you do it, let’s fight a little (jk, only civil discussion here!). But in all seriousness, it’s time for a little back and forth over how you feel about the Big Thing and the Core Story. It might look like a shift, it might look like an expansion of what you’re already doing, it might feel completely foreign to you.

This month we chat about where your comfort zone is and how you can best be supported with this BIG THING.

This is your second one-on-one call and it's totally ok to get a little emotional (full disclosure, I've cried happy tears on every single one of these calls - I'm a sympathy crier). You'll have gotten your Synthesis PDF from me and had time to digest what I think your Core Story is all about and what I see as your next BIG THING - it's scary. Here's where we make sure it's scary on your terms. You're committing a lot of time and energy here, and I want to make sure that this is what you see fitting into your grand plan for world domination AND is something you know you can execute in a timely fashion. And if that BIG THING just isn't realistic for where you're at in life? No worries - we'll figure out how to get you moving toward that BIG THING in ways that are deeply rooted in your Core Story and on your timetable. This is where we hammer out the big picture for you so it's always rooted in your Core Story - and THAT is worth writing home about.

month 3: prioritize

Once we’re on the same page about how your Big Thing is going to live within your biz and support your Core Story, it's time to strategize. Figuring out your Big Thing in alignment with your Core Story is awesome (for sure!), but without a practical plan in place to implement it, it’s going to fall flat real quick. You'll get a fresh, hot off the presses personal Brand Strategy Guide so you can see how these big picture shifts live in the immediate presentation of your brand, along with suggestions on how these shifts will domino throughout the minutiae of your work.

We'll prioritize what work you need to do on your business and your online presence to best align with your Core Values.

You’ve also get first dibs on my calendar for all things branding, web design, and copy. Basically, you've got a strategy fairy godmother for the month who won't leave you high and dry after reality sets in and you embrace just how much hard work is to be had. I won't sugar-coat it - there's going to be hard work ahead. But it's hard work that will be done with greater ease because you finally know what you're all about and you know how to present it, visually and verbally.

month 4: strategize

Put it all together and what do you get? A plan to make this hard work show going forward.

It's not enough to do all the worksheets, have the one-on-one calls, come together for group calls - you need an actual action plan for how this new and wonderful Big Thing will live in the world! We'll break down areas of key content, evaluate the roles you play within your business, and clarify any lingering questions about client and customer relations. You'll not only have a map of how your BIG THING lives in terms of your brand and strategy, you'll have a concrete plan for how this is applied in the real world on a regular basis.

Plus you’ll have your very own Core Guidebook (produced for you by yours truly if you so desire) to bring all this glorious work together into one place.

There will be homework, there will be homework check-ins (you only get this personal feedback from me in this program), and there will be dance parties. So many dance parties.