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Hi. I’m Megan.

I help creative, female-identifying business owners tell the ordinary stories of their extraordinary lives.

day 7

day 7


person in love

What did JK Rowling call it in HP - amor…?
Amortensia? Something like that.

That’s what it feels like.

It’s the thing rom-coms are made of and it’s contrived and it’s not real but also maybe it’s a little bit real.

It’s not a symphony or the clouds opening, but it’s intoxicating and a thrill and a feeling of being ALIVE.

There’s no wonder her mother named her ‘Storm’. After X-men. Not a Kardashian.

Her grandmother would tell her it was because of the storm that raged that night, power lines down and a labor so fast and loud it rivaled Mother Nature just outside the windows. But her mother always said she knew this one would be a force to be reckoned with.

And she was.

All the child-proofing and safety locks in the world could only do so much and thankfully strong women recognized this strong little soul. Took her to climbing class. Taught her how to train and develop her innate skills. And perhaps most importantly, how to safely fall (an oxymoron if there e ever was one).

And if there were ever a drug to challenge the thrill of free soloing her first rock face, she hadn’t found it yet. She’d tried, and that chip on her front teeth, that snaggled gap, was forever a reminder that her skills suffered while on acid.

day 8

day 8

day 6

day 6