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day 9

day 9


person with a secret bad habit

Ever seen a cigarette burn in the femur of a stegosaurus? It hurts. Like seeing someone smear ketchup-drenched fingers over a Jackson Pollack. To the untrained eye it may not look like much and then you look closer and something’s a little off and then you get even closer and BAM you know that’s not right. And it’s a piece of history, it’s an artifact, it’s SACRED and someone’s violated that!

So the cigarette burn -

There was a gala last night at the museum and despite being on the Board of the Museum at home, in this country I only qualify for Janitor so I’m cleaning up cocktail napkins and bits of cheese and it’s a trail of shrimp tails that leads me to the Prehistoric Wing.

And the thing is, there’s even a goddamned cigarette butt half smushed into the carpet.
Colonel Mustard with the wrench in the Conservatory.
Half drunk asshole with a cigarette butt in the Prehistoric Wing.

Adults are the biggest children of all. Just because you learned how to properly piss standing up (or didn’t - I’ve seen the bathrooms) doesn’t mean you’ve maintained the reverence these relics deserve.

I wish I spoke better English. With speed. Without an accent. So that my words might actually be heard and ingested and digested. I can handle the disrespect toward me But leave the goddamn dinosaur out of it.

day 8

day 8